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Jorge Jaramillo is a film director and animator of Bogotá, Colombia. From a very young age, Jorge discovered moviesand animation, and this taste quickly became a passion that led him to study and see as many animated films as hecould, focused specially on Japanese anime, which still strongly influences his work.After studying animation at Lasalle College, Jorge quickly began working on big animated productions in his country,which led him not only to improve his technique but also planted an interest in storytelling and direction.After working a few years on TV commercials and short films, with only 23 years, Jorge cofounded True3D, acompany that quickly became leader in production and stereoscopic animation. While working there, Jorge wasgiven the opportunity to direct his first commercials and projects.In his spare time Jorge began to produce and direct personal projects, like the short film "Push it!", that got a specialmention on Poland Pepsi Film Festival in 2010, and "RED", an animated retelling of the classic Little Red RiddingHood story, which became viral on the internet and got great feedback at well­known websites and specializedmagazines like Juxtapoz, Huffington Post, and Cartoon Brew, among others. "RED" was also a special guest at theNew York International Children's Film Festival NYICFF.Jorge Jaramillo is a young director that surprises with his unique style. High contrasts, strong colors and shapes arethe elements always present on his creepy and surreal images. His obscure visual proposal led him to conceive anddirect great music videos like “Swampthing", for the Colombian rock band Dante, which is currently nominated forBest Music Video of the Year at the Shock Music Awards, the most important recognition in the colombian music scene.